We Need Something New

IMRAN KHAN, From 1947 we have allots of “Dictators” and “Politicians” but not even a single “QUAID” .I do not belong to any specific party but I think there is a need of something new because we tried number of political leaders but now our young generation and beloved country Pakistan requires new leader, new think and new ideas. Yes, that is true that there is no team with IMRAN KHAN but he has courage, hope and honesty .I believe that he has also few qualities of QUAID-E-AZAM because he was good administrator and IMRAN KHAN also proved himself a good in SHAUKAT KHANAM, NAMAL UNIVESITY and in 1992 World cup. Now a days if we took over view of political situation in Pakistan then we feel the need of new administrator I don’t know that he is good politician or not. I believe that he is the best administrator and leader and for this purpose Imran Khan is the best option for the future of Pakistan, he is also a social worker and he raised nearly $1 Million Dollars for flood relief in 4 days for Pakistan. In recent talk show of private channel senior analyst “Haroon Rasheed” commented that Imran Khan is the “Diamond” for the betterment of our country” Imran Khan’s voters are almost in Universities and colleges in these days youngsters are the prominent voters of IMRAN KHAN. Due to the influence of America on Pakistan the Americans decided to choose Nawaz Sharif for the new role in Government of Pakistan but he is not agree with them because he wanted Pakistan as a democratic Pakistan .America knows that Nawaz is the backbone of Pakistani politics and he is going to play an important role in it. I wish that if Nawaz do any thing more for Pakistan it should not be under the governess of America People of Pakistan see their future in Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif they both of also not believe in Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and Pushto they believe in Pakistan. If we want to see our future in secure hand then we have to choose Imran khan as a leader and Nawaz Sharif as an adviser


July 2018
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